Marriage is an intricate combination of both gains and sacrifices; it is a bag full of commitments. It is about loving someone unconditionally and sacrificing your certain needs for their happiness. It is one of the best forms of friendships where you can be your true weird self without the fear of any judgement. It is about gaining new family members and showing love and respect to them as you would give to your own blood. It is all about trust, patience, forgiveness and loyalty between two individuals and supportive involvement of their families.

It goes without saying that every couple would prefer to initiate their new life together with their own, unique dream wedding.
In recent years, capturing the best details of the most valued moments of one’s life in the form of photos and videos has become a huge necessity in every wedding ceremony. To cater to this desire of people, there are many photographers and Cinematographer putting their skills to use and turning the whole ceremony into a lifetime memory.

Currently there are so many options around that it maybe a huge confusion for couples to select the most suitable photography team to become a part of their wedding festivities. This is where Wedding Cinema Nepal comes into the picture.
We are a team of aesthetically skilled and experienced photographers and cinematographers who will make sure to make your wedding a memorable one. We’re diligent and punctual, hence, we take each wedding as a crucial responsibility and will not fail to deliver your captured moments as per your wish.
Hence, choosing us for your wedding will not be a decision you will regret.
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Also, our versatility can be utilized for other ceremonies, ad campaigns and music videos.